Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mad crazy point

Well it's summer and the stress doesn't end here. I got to New Jersey for summer school but I'm still home-hunting... and almost broke. Living in a cheap motel right now.

In all this madness I thought to myself "what a perfect time to animate!" Maybe something for the reel perhaps?

Comments n crits welcome!


Michael Sauls said...

Hey man! Lookin good =) Nice smooth motion...Maybe could use a little more force or power when pushing off the ground, but not too sure. Would be great if you could post a link so we could download the quicktime file...that way we can frame by frame it =)

Liron Topaz said...

Hey Brendan,

He looks floaty because he ease in as he is about to hit the ground. Its just like a bouncing ball, it doesn't slow down as its about to hit the floor. Take a look at your feet as they slow before hitting the ground. Also I would consider this antic for the jump, the hands goes to the sides but he jumps up, a little weird. Nice to see that you are animating over the summer, keep it up.