Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life Drawings

Drawings I did during a session in a New Jersey college. I encourage anyone interested to look into Henry Yan or Mike Mattesi's work, some of my inspirations.


ExpandForFree said...

Those are incredibly sketches.

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Liron Topaz said...

Hey Brendan,

These are very energetic but i think you are missing structure in the figures. Especially in the fast ones. The longer poses are more successful. I like the first one, have a nice feel to it. Henry yan is really amazing.. a true inspiration.

toykokoyko said...

Yo ho, Yo ho ho!! Hmmm, what's up!!

hey bren nice work...!!! is been long since I have seeing some of your life drawing... I like the studies you took all in one page, that remain me of the Genesis Project :-)

I am working on my portfolio slow, but moving as soonest I have something I will let you know.

keep in contact...

where have you been!!!!

mateo (Toykokoyko)

Brendan Carroll said...

Thanks for the feedback Liron!

I think just capturing the essence of the movement is the most important aspect, although adding some structure would be a different approach. Usually my mind goes blank during a 30 second gesture. And yeah, Yan is the man!

Brendan Carroll said...

Christ on a bike! It's Mateo!!

How are you! I was wreckin my brains wondering who Toyokokoko was... and why they knew so much about animation!

Yeah I love Genesis Project, happy days. You should post some of your old work in the meantime, even store it online. I'd love to know what you're workin on now. :)

Liron Topaz said...

Agreed, capturing the essence of the movement is probably the most important thing as animators, but still its a figure. If you want just motion, you can use even less lines. IMHO I would suggest to see how can I capture the essence with volume and structure and maintaining the energetic motion that you have going on. Look at Glenn Keane, so much motion and energy, but a solid structure underneath. But don't let me get you down, you're doing really good, just a few pointers.

Brendan Carroll said...

Hey Liron

I know what you mean about blocking in volumes. I seen some gestures just focus on the shadows rather than line. I'd really like to explore with gestures more. Glen Keane is a master I love his work!

Your comments are most helpful and I appreciate your advice, thanks! :)

Wayne Parker said...

Nice work man. Hope your summer was good - now get ready for the grind... again. I won't be there this year to enjoy the fun, but I'll see you in 09. Take care