Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Push Pull Exaggerated

It's been AGES since I posted!! This was done a while ago and I decided to post it anyway. Might take a lil while to load, depending on your connection... I'll work on a lo-res in the meantime :)


MegDeane said...



i was hoping the monster would be a cuddly friend at the end. you should do an alternate ending :]

toyko koyko said...

Hey dude!!

looking great...!!

How are things with you down in Sasaratosa!!

How are you getting on!! I didn't hear from you in while!!

I hope you are keeping fine.


Marcus Ng said...

kitty.... hmmm O_O

Look_At_The_Lion_In_My_Soul said...

was thinkin of you and i just want to say hi :)

Look_At_The_Lion_In_My_Soul said...

ahahahaha!!the pb&j- price of freedom skit is HILARIOUSSS!i almost wet myself alittle! did you make that?!!