Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Oldie...

I came across this just now... brings back memories! It was an assignment I had in my old college back in '02, Ballyfermot College. That place had me drawing solid for two years straight!

It took me a weekend with cotton wool and graphite powder with a putty rubber to make this. A Saturday night on Pringles and strange alternative music playing on the radio... this is the result. I miss those days!


Graki Khan said...

Holy crap. I knew your name sounded familiar!

I just stumbled on your blog through Marcus Ng's blog and Marcus is in my class in Animation Mentor.

I went to ballyfermo too and they had your layout on the wall in the corridor at least for the three years I was there. They took it down now tho, and replaced it with Avatar posters signed by Richie Baneham. Not a bad way to go down.

But yeah, your work and your blog is awesome! Love it.

Marcus Ng said...

small world! :)